Welcome to August Rivers!
Welcome to August Rivers!
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My Journey


August Rivers started with just me, Taylor, making small sets of earrings while I stayed home with my son, August River. While August slept (rarely!) I would design new pieces, and as he got older, I started to be able to do more. Around the time he was a year old, I was finally able to start going to markets and sharing my earrings with the Texas hill country community. 

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, I began moving more of my business online, and I quickly found a great online following. As I tried new styles and began focusing on my specific brand, more and more followers started to take an interest in my work. The summer of 2020 brought great success, and I am forever grateful for everyone that helped get my small business off the ground!

2020 was rough for a lot of us, but 2021 was even rougher for me. When my mother passed, I had a very difficult time; grief hit me in ways that I never anticipated. With the support of family, friends, and loved ones, I have been able to process quite a lot, but it definitely has been hard!

Now, as 2022 begins, I am excited to jump back in the groovy bus and continue to share my creations with the world! With my new website, new markets, and new products, August Rivers is cruising into 2022. Come along for the ride!

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