Welcome to August Rivers!
Welcome to August Rivers!
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About Us


August Rivers is a female owned and operated small business that loves to create retro and vintage styles. As a female artist, I grew up in a world that undervalued me, that told me I had to spend years in college working as a barista or waitress, only to then spend decades working for some giant corporation, but I said “No.” I am all about the craft, and I am lucky as hell to be a part of a community of artists. As my small business continues to grow, I look forward to collaborating with and showcasing other artists.

I am Taylor, the owner and lead designer at August Rivers. I am a creator who loves to explore, experiment, and express. I have experience working with macramé, clay, embroidery, paints, and numerous other crafts. In February of 2020, I was commissioned by the San Antonio Art Museum to produce unique pieces for the Texas Women: A New History of Abstract Art exhibit. In November of 2020, my earrings were featured by Tabitha Brown on The Ellen Show. My August Rivers earrings can be purchased in San Antonio at Hello Tallula and Devine Sunshine; in Austin at Stardust Vintage, and in San Diego at Electric West.